• Take Action on Anxiety

    If you’ve been struggling with anxiety for a while, you’ve probably experienced how difficult it can sometimes be to talk yourself down if your anxiety has reached even a 3 out of 10. I’m writing this post to offer you some ways that you can take on your anxious episodes by using your body, and hopefully build your sense of self-efficacy at being able to manage your anxiety.
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  • Discerning Your Vocation

    There is a reason why I chose the title ‘Discerning Your Vocation’ over simply ‘Choosing Your Career’.  Whether you are just starting to think about a career, or whether you have been working for years and often find yourself suffering from the Sunday night/Monday morning blues, and are wondering if you made the right career choice, this blog applies to you.  You deserve to have a worklife that you love, and the key to finding it is in listening to your depths. Continue reading

  • Thoughts on Depression

    I want to provide you with a link to an article that I think is particularly thoughtful and well-written.  The Globe and Mail published this article by Michael Redhill, entitled “Thoughts on Depression from an Artistic Mind” on August 16, 2014.  Redhill had written the article in response to Robin Williams’ suicide, and I think that what he offers here is beautiful and important. Continue reading